"Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience, and communicated by example."

-John Baldoni
Building Bench Strength Through Evidence-Based Training
Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner's evidence-based leadership model strongly demonstrates executives, managers, individual contributors, government administrators, and other leaders who use The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® more frequently are seen by others as more effective leaders. People working with leaders who demonstrate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® are significantly more satisfied with the actions and strategies of their leaders, and they feel more committed, motivated, and powerful. In other words, the more people engage in the practices of exemplary leaders, the more likely it is that they'll have a positive influence on others in the organization.

Benefits & Outcomes of Program:
  • Meet job-related demands
  • Create higher-performing teams
  • Foster renewed loyalty and commitment
  • Promote higher levels of involvement
  • Reduce absenteeism, turnover, and dropout rates
  • Represent their units to upper management
  • Identify their own leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Communicate fundamental values and beliefs
  • Inspire others to share a common vision
  • Search for opportunities to take the risks needed for growth
  • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust
72% of US respondents are bracing for the impact of ill-equipped employees assuming higher-level leadership roles, and lower morale and employee burnout due to the expected poor leadership.

CPP Global Human Capital Report
The Leadership Challenge® Workshop utilizes the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI)360, one of the most widely used and valid 360-degree leadership assessment instruments. Millions of leaders around the world have used it to receive personal and confidential feedback enabling them to measurably improve their effectiveness as a leader. See excerpts from a sample report. Since the LPI was first used in 1985, extensive research, including  more than 550 doctoral dissertations and master's theses, has been analyzed to determine the relationship between The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and a variety of measurable results, such as:
  • Higher degree of personal credibility
  • Increased commitment
  • Improved productivity, performance and efficiency

Engaging OutcomesSM nurtures the leader within and guides executive leadership development.

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