Emotional intelligence (EI) is best defined as the ability to identify and manage emotional information in oneself and others and to focus energy on required behaviors. Also known as “social intelligence,” the skills and competencies that comprise EI complement a person’s cognitive and technical skills. The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment® (EISA) is both a measure of emotional intelligence and a framework for understanding and improving emotional and social functioning.

The EISA® was developed to quickly and accurately measure emotional intelligence and provide a framework for discussion, coaching, and growth.In order for people to improve their emotional skills and abilities, they must first be able to recognize their strengths and identify areas in which they may require improvement. Thus, the EISA® has two components: an assessment and a workshop.


THE PROGRAM [what participants should expect]

  1. To familiarize participants with the components of emotional intelligence and their relevance in the workplace.
  2. To aid participants in the identification of emotionally intelligent actions and behaviors.
  3. To help participants improve their own emotional intelligence by understanding and practicing effective behaviors.

The EISA® provides a strong, fundamental assessment of emotional intelligence along with five core factors that can be developed to maximize emotional and social functioning. The EISA® is designed to provide the participant with feedback on self-described and observer-rated frequency of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors across five dimensions. The report provides information on the emotional and social factors that affect success at work. These five factors are:

  • Perceiving
  • Managing
  • Decision Making
  • Achieving
  • Influencing

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